Big News… I’m moving on up!

As the school year draws to a close, I have been waiting on pins and needles for confirmation that I will be rejoining this amazing staff again next year. Since we are a relatively new school, they add two new teachers each year as we grow, so I was aware that there were at least two new positions opening in 5th grade.

My principal scheduled a meeting with me and began by asking me what grade level I saw myself teaching… so I launched into poorly-articulated “fond memories” of my student teaching experience with 5th graders (which was anything but hey, a girls gotta eat – so let’s be flexible) She smiled in that enigmatic way that she does and explained that she very much intended to keep me on next year, that my performance as a long-term substitute had been noted by several as a job well done.

And… what would I think about teaching 3rd grade?

It’s a challenging year, she said. Our first year that students participate in state standardized testing, and a big leap from 2nd to 4th in independence level that all changes in the momentous 3rd grade year.

“I would like to see how you bloom with more independent learners,” she says.

And of course, this all sounds great to me! I don’t have much of a frame-of-reference for 3rd graders, but I am looking forward to working with the other 3rd grade teacher (a 10 yr. veteran and NBCT). I will miss the hugs and silly things that my littles say… and even more, my amazing teaching partner in Kinder.

So that’s the news! I’m movin’ on up to 3rd grade. Get ready for some intermediate teaching resources, gang!