Classroom Management

During my interim position as a Kindergarten Teacher, one of the main struggles I had with behavior was that there was not a clear-cut system of consequences and rewards. Stickers and time-outs seemed to have been doled out randomly… and the effects were clear: the students’  behavior was as erratic as the consequences.

This year, I want my students to know the result of their behavior (positive or negative) from the get-go. In spite of the leanings of my current school site, you should know that I am particularly allergic to extrinsic, tangible rewards. Here is the system and thinkery form I created to help them succeed and feel safe in my classroom. Click on the link to go to the form on Google Doc. For an editable version, please contact me directly. 🙂


Classroom Management and ThinkeryClassroom ThinkeryOur school uses DTR as a school-wide philosophy of behavior management. What are your methods for managing behavior? What texts have influenced your practice?


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